We would like to take this opportunity to remind you about the following:

A photographer and a videographer who have been engaged by us especially for the Event will take pictures and videos during the Event, likely also of you as participating guest. All these pictures and videos will be used by BABOR for the Event documentation and publicity work, both online and offline. BABOR especially intends to publish these photos and videos on the internet (especially as online reports / postings / blogs/ article about the Event on its website and, in print media (internal and external print publications such as magazines, publications, newsletters, brochures, presentations, etc.) as well as on its social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and / or other social media channels.

By taking part in the Event you agree that pictures and videos of you will be used for the aforementioned purposes and that these images and videos of you may also be used by BABOR in edited form in connection with reporting on the Event free of charge on a worldwide basis and for an unlimited period of time for the aforementioned purposes.

If you do not wish that pictures and/or videos of you will be taken during the Event please inform the photographer/videographer accordingly before any pictures will be taken or videos will be made.

For data protection information please see: Privacy Protection